Dust Control & Dust Suppression - Dust Stop 

Cypher Environmental is a global leader and provider of environmentally friendly solutions.  It is our mandate to produce and distribute products that are not harmful to the environment and to the areas in which they are used in.  Cypher Environmental's Dust Stop is a 100% environmentally friendly solution for dust suppression and dust control.  Dust Stop's primary use is to provide dust control on roads and unpaved surfaces but can also have erosion control and soil stabilization properties.

Mine sites and haul roads around the world have benefitted from Dust Stop's easy application and long lasting results.  Distributed in both liquid and powder forms, the products were designed with ease of mixing and application in mind.  The two forms of the product makes it highly versatile and more useful across varying environments and usage.

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate
is a dust control product that was designed with ease of application in mind. Its liquid form makes it extremely easy to mix the product prior to application and easy to apply.  Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate works by penetrating even the hardest packed soils and is extremely effective in eliminating unwanted fugitive dust.  The product is ideal for the mining industry, logging roads, construction sites or for any other roads or unpaved surfaces that experience heavy traffic.

Dust Stop Powder is a highly concentrated, organic-based and cellulosic dust control product, ideal for application in environmentally-sensitive areas.  Dust Stop Powder is shipped as a highly concentrated powder thus reducing the cost of both shipping and storage.  Dust Stop Powder is mixed with water prior to application and is then directly sprayed onto the unpaved road surface, creating a transparent barrier that provides lasting dust control and erosion control.


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